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  • Vision of Virtue

    Vision of Virtue

    By Brey Willows This is the second installment in the Memory’s Muses Series. This Series is set in the same universe as the Afterlife Inc. Series a few years after the gods and immortals came out to the humans. A lot has changed in a world where mortals and immortals’ life side by side and…

  • Dead Pretty

    Dead Pretty

    By Robyn Nyx A quick sneak peek at the first chapter had me hooked until I reached the last page. Dead Pretty by Robyn Nyx is the perfect cross between mystery and police procedural with a side of romance. Callie Johnson, CJ to her friends, returns home to Salt Lake City after the network canceled…

  • Let Love Be Enough

    Let Love Be Enough

    By Robyn Nyx This book features three different points of views. Madison Ford, an award-winning journalist, is roped into doing a human-interest story about A-list Hollywood actress, Elodie Fontaine, and her role as an ambassador to an NGO combatting human trafficking. When Elodie and Madison meet, the journalist learns there is more to the actress…

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