Vision of Virtue

By Brey Willows

This is the second installment in the Memory’s Muses Series. This Series is set in the same universe as the Afterlife Inc. Series a few years after the gods and immortals came out to the humans. A lot has changed in a world where mortals and immortals’ life side by side and not everyone is happy about it.

As the Muse of History and Virtue, Clio Ardalines now spends her days as a glamorous television host. Her most important mission is to show the people that there is beauty in the world. In her mission she tries to highlight the more human traits of her fellow immortals and lets them have fun while on her show. Unfortunately for Clio the concept is not really working for her viewers or her fellow crew members, and she is in real danger of losing her show.

Kit Kalloway is an investigative reporter with her own show on TV that does remarkably well. She belongs to the people who isn’t very fond of the immortals among them and uses every opportunity she gets to expose the dark underbelly of the gods and history. She wants the truth the whole truth and doesn’t mind getting in the thick of things to get there.

When their professional path cross and they have to work together to keep their careers and not break their contracts with the network. Tension runs high between the two main characters, when everything is on the line for them can they find a way past their first perception of the other person and work together toward a common goal? Can they see past the others short comings long enough to give their attraction a chance to flourish?

Brey Willows created two very likable and relatable characters who could hardly be more different. They are well formed and have a great and relatable backstory that anchors their present personality in the storyline. Their reactions are understandable and relatable. Which makes me root for both characters even though they want vastly different things at times.

I love the delicate touch Brey Willows has for letting her characters grow and come into their own on the page. When we first meet Clio she almost seems a little superficial only wanting to see the good and beautiful things in life. But throughout the story we come to understand that she has not only studied the history but lived though it herself. Who can really blame her for craving some lightheartedness.

Kit believes that she’s been treated unfairly by the immortals and that they are all the same ignorant bunch that aren’t really interested in helping humanity. The backstory Brey Willows has woven for Kit gives her a valid reason to carry those scars on her soul. Throughout the story and with the continued interaction with Clio, Kit sees that not all immortals are the same and that the worlds of the gods may not be as black and white as she’d like to believe.

Brey Willows takes Clio and Kit on a journey that has them face not only the things they’d rather not see but also who they have become. Providing them with wonderful opportunities to grow and consider more than just themselves in any given situation. More so the author shows that ignorance and self-deception isn’t unique to just one species.

As mentioned in the beginning this book is set in the same universe as the Afterlife Inc. Series and the first book of the Memory’s Muses Series “Song of Serenity”. I adore the world Brey Willows created and I wish I could spend a lot more time in it. Lucky for me the next installment in the series will be out in December. I’m intrigued by the author’s use of elements from classic Greek mythology like the Muses and Furies (Afterlife Inc. series) and bring them into a present day paranormal fantasy setting. I often wish I could escape into that world entirely and spend a few days with Clio and pick her brain about historical events. And people who know me would say I’m not fond of history but the thought of being able to talk to someone who has been there when it happens intrigues me. It makes me especially happy to see them interact with characters that have already appeared in previous books and getting small glimpses of how their lives have been.

The characters in this book brought me to tears a few times because I was so emotionally invested in their journey. I love when that happens, when a story draws me in so completely that I feel happy or sad right alongside the characters.

This book is going on my favorite reads in 2022 list and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves paranormal fantasy with a romantic plot line.

Brey Willows has once again crafted a masterful character journey with two incredibly likable and humanly flawed main characters. You can’t help but fall in love with and root for Clio and Kit while they try to navigate their own emotions and find compassion for the woman in their path.

Bewertung: 5 von 5.

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